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July 23 2017 

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Latest Employment News

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02/07/2008 Don’t Forget The Follow-Up Letter GradResumes.com
You did everything you needed to do to make a great impression at your job interview. From an impressive resume to a suitable suit to impeccable manners, you feel that the job interviewer viewed you in a positive light.
02/04/2008 Many Employers Google Potential Employees To Gather Info Career-Launch.com
What Will Your Search Say About You?
01/28/2008 When Job Hunting, What You Put on your FaceBook or MySpace Page May Come Back to Haunt You Career-Launch.com
When you are having fun and posting stories or photos on FaceBook or MySpace, you are usually only thinking of the present moment and the friends who will read your entries.
01/15/2008 Larry Keim Reports On Jobs Results For Executives In 2007 Career-Launch.com
According to Larry Keim, a sampling from career management firms shows that executive level placements in 2007 demonstrate an increase of 72% over 2006.
11/27/2007 Ten Tips for Getting Your Resume Noticed Online Career-Launch.com
TalentDrive offers jobseekers important considerations for effective online resumes.
11/19/2007 October Executive Jobs Results by Larry Keim Career-Launch.com
According to Larry Keim the outlook for executives continues to climb this year, so far showing a 29% increase over jobs reported YTD over the same period for last year.
11/08/2007 College Students Are Gearing Up to Apply: How is your Admissions Letter? Get Some Help! GradResumes.com
College students are gearing up to apply and get into the educational institution of their choice.
11/06/2007 My Resume Manager to Offer Gift Certificates: Give Your Executive the Perfect Resume This Christmas Career-Launch.com
Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite executive?
11/02/2007 Mulling Over a Job Offer - What is a Benefits Package Really Worth? Career-Launch.com
All benefits are not create equal
11/01/2007 How do I Create and Send an Email Cover Letter with my Resume? GradResumes.com
Never send an electronic job application without a cover letter.
10/25/2007 Writing Your College Entrance Essay: Keeping it Personal, Relevant and Interesting GradResumes.com
Too often, the temptation for a new high school grad who's writing an essay for a college application is to try and sound older and more knowledgeable about the world than he or she has had time to become—
10/24/2007 Tips for Writing a Great College Admission Essay GradResumes.com
Most college applications these days require that prospective students write an essay about themselves and why they want to attend that particular college as part of the application process.
10/18/2007 It's Your Move: Making Your Career Achievements Stand Out from the Crowd GradResumes.com
Don't be modest about what you've managed to accomplish in life. Be bold, and shout it from the rooftops instead!
10/17/2007 Performing a SWOT Analysis on your Business Skills & Then Capitalizing on Them CareerLaunch.com
When you perform a SWOT analysis on your business skills, you will be able to capitalize on them to make the most of your unique abilities. Strategic planning is an essential part of determining your current and future business success.
10/16/2007 Creating Your Own Personal Brand in the Dog Eat Dog Business World CareerLaunch.com
To get a leg up on the competition in today's highly competitive business world, you'll need to do a lot more than simply be the best.
10/10/2007 What is a Career Headhunter and Do I Need to Hire One? CareerLaunch.com
A career headhunter is person who specializes in recruiting potential employees, usually for specific industries or careers.
10/05/2007 White Space on a Professional Resume: CareerLaunch.com
Makes Information Easier to Read
10/02/2007 Contact Your References Before Listing Them on Your Employment Application CareerLaunch.com
Don't assume that you can simply list the people for and with whom you have worked in the past as references on your application for employment without asking for their permission first.
09/28/2007 A Senior Level Resume CareerLaunch.com
15 Years or Less - Anything Older is Usually Outdated and Irrelevant to Your Current Career Path
09/25/2007 Back to School: Tips for Juggling Full Time Studies and a Part Time Job GradResumes.com
Working your way through school, or at least contributing some of the funds needed for your support while you study
09/19/2007 Manual Spell Check Your Resume: Spell Checker Won’t Catch Faux Pas CareerLaunch.com
(Like Manger Instead of Manager)
09/12/2007 Resume Tips: Eye Contact in a Senior Level Job Interview: Exude Confidence and Charisma CareerLaunch.com
How do you feel when someone doesn't look you in the eye?
09/12/2007 Great Ways to Prepare for your First Post Graduate Career Interview GradResumes.com
Preparing for your first post graduate job interview calls for making certain that you are mentally and physically ready for any challenge you may experience.
09/06/2007 Resume Tips: Try And Keep Your College Resume to One Page Unless You Have Extensive Research Work GradResumes.com
Unless your college days included performing extensive research work, you should limit your college resume to one page.
09/05/2007 Common Mistakes that Most of Us Make When Writing a Professional Resume GradResumes.com
If you're writing your resume, the temptation to do things that will make you "stand out from the crowd" can be overwhelming.
09/04/2007 Stay Clear of Colored Paper for your Professional Career Resume GradResumes.com
Did you see the movie "Legally Blond"?
09/03/2007 Protecting Your Personal Information When Applying Online: MyResumeManager.com
Avoiding the Monster Trap
08/28/2007 Gearing Up to Go Back to School GradResumes.com
What To Pack and What to Leave at Mom's
08/27/2007 The Most Common Cover Letter Mistakes that New Graduates Make GradResumes.com
It's perfectly understandable that new job seekers make mistakes in the cover letters they write to go along with their resumes. Understandable, but unacceptable nonetheless.
08/20/2007 Resume Tips: How Long Should Your Resume Be? CareerLaunch.com
It is a Relevant Question and the Answer is Relative to your Career Background
08/17/2007 White Space on a Resume: Important for Ease of Reading (Avoid Cramming!) GradResumes.com
Have you ever tried to make sense of something written so closely that you had to squint to see where one word left off and the next began? Difficult, isn't it?
08/16/2007 Resume Tips: Academic CV Resume: Keep the Format Simple CareerLaunch.com
Let the Content Speak for Itself
08/15/2007 Back to School Time - Also Time to Revamp your Resume for Part Time Work GradResumes.com
Ready to go back to school?
08/13/2007 Resume Tips: Always Use High Quality Bond Paper If You Are Printing & Mailing Your Resume CareerLaunch.com
If you are printing and mailing your resume out to prospective employers, always use high quality bond paper so you stand out from the rest and show your level of professionalism.
08/09/2007 Resume Tips: Never Include Personal Info on Your Resume GradResumes.com
Marital Status, Age and Religion are None of An Employers' Business
08/08/2007 Resume Tips: Never Include a Personal Photo on a Professional Career Resume CareerLaunch.com
08/07/2007 Resume Tips: If you are Lacking Experience, Showcase Your Education GradResumes.com
Including Major Coursework, Research Projects and Thesis
08/06/2007 Resume Tips: The Faux Pas of Including Your Work Phone Number on a Resume CareerLaunch.com
When you get ready to send your resume to a prospective employer, make sure to avoid the faux pas of including your work telephone number.
08/06/2007 Resume Tips: Most Graduates Should Stick with a 1-Page Resume GradResumes.com
Keep it Short and Concise
08/02/2007 Resume Tips: The Cover Letter CareerLaunch.com
Never Underestimate the Power of a Cover Letter: It is Your FOOT in the Door